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Bragge Collection

The Bragge Collection features two intimately connected components - more than 600 material culture artefacts collected by Laurie Bragge during the time he lived and worked in Papua New Guinea, and his personal library containing published and unpublished materials. Laurie Bragge’s library is managed by JCU Library Special Collections (Library & Information Services), and housed in the Cairns Library. The material artefacts are curated by the Discipline of Anthropology, Material Culture Collection (College of Arts, Society and Education), and housed in The Cairns Institute.

JCU Art Collection

The JCU Art Collection is an important collection of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture held in north Queensland, Australia.

Library Archives Collection

The Library Archives are a collection of the records of business, industry, educational and religious institutions, unions, associations, organisations and societies relating to north Queensland and the tropics. The records of individuals (literary, political, business and academic) are also collected.

North Queensland Collection

The NQ Collection consists primarily of published information resources which deal, in whole or in part, with some aspect of north Queensland.

Rare Book Collection

The Rare Book Collection, mostly created via donation, contains a broad range of rare books covering a wide range of topics, many connected to north Queensland and the tropics.

Reverend Frederic Charles Hall Photographic Collection

Photographs taken by the Reverend Frederic Charles Hall (1878-1926) during the period 1902-1909 when he was Anglican Curate appointed to Georgetown in north Queensland.

Shaw Collection of Australian Art & Culture

The Shaw Collection consists of books, and a small selection of periodicals, which focus on Australian art and culture as selected by generous donor, Miss Edna Shaw (1924-2019). The collection contains many rare and significant monographs, including limited editions and large folio size items.

Sir Charles Maurice Yonge Collection

This collection primarily consists of the private library of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge, highly distinguished marine zoologist. It includes works published from the early eighteenth to the twentieth century. The subject range represented is overall marine, with malacology a strong subject area. Many other marine subjects are also represented, such as oceanography, fisheries, marine biology, marine botany and zoology, biographies, records of major scientific expeditions, history, marine fiction, anthologies and poetry.